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Music for Self-Hypnosis

Music can provide you with one of the most enjoyable and deeply relaxing methods to reduce stress, anxiety and help you focus on yourself.

The following tracks have been composed purposefully to aid and promote beneficial levels of trance when practicing self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness and awareness or any exercise in which you wish to engage with a deeper level of consciousness.

You may find it most beneficial if you establish a regular pattern, ritual or repetition. Tracks are available as mp3 download.


Perfect Unison, is a powerful track based on the interval of the octave. Along with the fifth, the most perfectly consonant interval and one of the first intervals we recognize when young. It features a repeating cycle with an elastic, rubato rhythm that is governed, not by strict tempo but the phrasing itself, hence the term rubato. Features classical guitar, bass guitar and hammered dulcimer. Duration: 15 and 30 mins approx.


Tempus explores the idea of Erikson's pattern interrupts but in a musical setting. A simple, regular pattern gradually grows and expands, only to be interrupted by a confusing B section which not only undermines the previous section but also shifts the focus entirely. Classical guitar, marimba, detuned percussive instruments and synthesis. Duration: 20 mins approx.

Minor to Major revolves around the idea of shifting tonally from the minor triad to the major triad, moving progressively toward the major. There are plenty of interesting discussions around the emotional effect of Major and Minor intervals and how we perceive them. I explore this here in the form of a Waltz. Instruments used are classical guitar, bass guitar, voice, and French horn. Duration: 10 & 20 mins approx.


Everyday is a track which is based upon one of the early modes. Revolving around a melodic phrase performed and re-iterated by two flutes, the full sequence then resolves on the organ. Spiritual and contemplative, it has an Asian influence and feel and prescribes a path upon which the listener is invited to tread. Instruments: Flute & organ. Duration: 15 & 30 mins approx.


Abundance is a vast and sprawling sound universe that carries the listener on a journey through time and dimension. Gentle and slow moving, it is underpinned by the simple and consonant harmonic relationships examined by Pythagoras. Sound synthesis and elements of modulated white noise. Duration: 20 & 30 mins approx.