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Music for Self-Hypnosis

Music can provide you with one of the most enjoyable and deeply relaxing methods to reduce stress, anxiety and help you focus on yourself.

The following tracks have been composed purposefully to aid and promote beneficial levels of trance when practicing self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness and awareness or any exercise in which you wish to engage with a deeper level of consciousness.

You may find it most beneficial if you establish a regular pattern, ritual or repetition. Tracks are available as mp3 download.


Wheel within the wheel is beautifully hypnotic track that features two main voices. The first is a simple repetitive pattern that underpins the whole sequence. The second begins life as a counterpoint to the first, gradually breaking free to explore new melodic ideas. Building in intensity, almost like a Bolero, it gently slows, and comes to rest.

Features Classical Guitar, Double Bass, Harmonium, voice and whistle. Duration: 30 mins approx.

The Inner Guide features a simple melodic sequence which drifts to and fro over time. Performed on a Fender Rhodes Piano, which is very similar to a normal piano except in its use of metal "tines" in place of the steel strings. It's harmonic overtones and overall sonority provide a spacious and quite dreamy backdrop to your self-hypnotic induction and beyond. Duration: 30 mins.

Inca is a track in which the underlying percussive and rhythmic patterns portray ritualistic imagery. The repetition is loosely interpreted and juxtaposed with soundscape synthesis which gradually builds over time. The overall effect is intended to accommodate a sense of personal transformation, growth and realization. Features Classical guitar, bass guitar, synthesis and percussion. Duration: 10 mins & 20 mins approx.


Think tank is a soundscape composed specifically for deep hypnotic induction and to assist sleep. It consists of slowly evolving waves of sound that appear and disappear, over time. It is ethereal and other worldly. An expansive soundscape designed to lower the critical faculty and engage directly with the subconscious. Duration: 6 mins approx.

Spiders web is music without form, random or aleatoric in construction. It is composed of three elements, each successive sound layer, influenced only by the event against which it sounds. The idea is to lead the listener away from regular patterns and consonant sonorities toward the unexpected and unfamiliar. An analogy in sound. Features Subtractive and granular synthesis. Duration: 20 mins approx.