Do You Suffer From Stage Fright?

Ladies and Gentlemen

The stage is set, and everyone is waiting. You’ve practiced your part, gone over your lines but as the moment approaches, you begin to feel distinctly uneasy. Maybe it’s the trembling hands, a cold sweat or the queasy stomach?  I understand, it’s happened to me. Truth is, it’s happened to many celebrities and entertainers such as Adele, Andre 3000, Stephen Fry and even Barbara Streisand.

So how do I overcome it?

It is recognized as one of the most common fears today. Maybe you can allow yourself to feel a little more positive now that you understand that it can be overcome effectively with hypnotherapy. Even for celebrities who rely on performance for their livelihoods.

Shine like a Star

Hypnotherapy works by having us examine our fear. How it affects us and how we typically react to it. It is through our understanding that we can rationally evaluate just exactly what is going on here.

Encore, encore

The techniques I use here at Mind+Music Hypnotherapy will assist you in transforming your unwanted and unnecessary beliefs into powerful and effective strategies that will see your confidence grow and grow, stronger and stronger every time you take to a stage.

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