Wheel within the wheel ♫

Wheel within the wheel is beautifully hypnotic track that features two main voices. The first is a simple repetitive pattern that underpins the whole sequence. The second begins life as a counterpoint to the first, gradually breaking free to explore new melodic ideas. Building in intensity, almost like a Bolero, it gently slows, and comes to rest.

Features Classical Guitar, Double Bass, Harmonium, voice and whistle. Duration: 30 mins approx.

Think Tank ♫

Think tank is a soundscape composed specifically for deep hypnotic induction and to assist sleep. It consists of slowly evolving waves of sound that appear and disappear, over time. It is ethereal and other worldly. An expansive soundscape designed to lower the critical faculty and engage directly with the subconscious. Duration: 6 mins approx.

Perfect Unison ♫

Perfect Unison, is a powerful track based on the interval of the octave. Along with the fifth, the most perfectly consonant interval and one of the first intervals we recognize when young. It features a repeating cycle with an elastic, rubato rhythm that is governed, not by strict tempo but the phrasing itself, hence the term rubato. Features classical guitar, bass guitar and hammered dulcimer. Duration: 15 and 30 mins approx.