Think Tank ♫

Think tank is a soundscape composed specifically for deep hypnotic induction and to assist sleep. It consists of slowly evolving waves of sound that appear and disappear, over time. It is ethereal and other worldly. An expansive soundscape designed to lower the critical faculty and engage directly with the subconscious. Duration: 6 mins approx.

Spiders web ♫

Spiders web is music without form, random or aleatoric in construction. It is composed of three elements, each successive sound layer, influenced only by the event against which it sounds. The idea is to lead the listener away from regular patterns and consonant sonorities toward the unexpected and unfamiliar. An analogy in sound. Features Subtractive and granular synthesis. Duration: 20 mins approx.

Tempus ♫

Tempus explores the idea of Erikson’s pattern interrupts but in a musical setting. A simple, regular pattern gradually grows and expands, only to be interrupted by a confusing B section which not only undermines the previous section but also shifts the focus entirely. Classical guitar, marimba, detuned percussive instruments and synthesis. Duration: 20 mins approx.