About me

The Hypnotic Power of Music

Music is my passion. I have played, performed and written music for over 40 years. In the late 90’s i had the opportunity to study music full time at Otago University. It was the best time in my life. Look away now if you get bored easily. I studied Medieval music, you know the monks and stuff, music of the Renaissance, classical and romantic and even twentieth century music.

Barry Holt MusB Cert.E.Hyp

But wait, there’s more, i studied music in popular culture, both contemporary and classical theory and composition. Music technology and ethno-musicology, which obviously included music in world cultures, songwriting and musicianship. I immersed myself, and examined music on a much broader scale. It’s role in society, throughout the ages, the sacred and the secular, from its earliest representation to its modern day romance.

Music + Hypnosis combined.

As a young boy, I was originally drawn to music because of its hypnotic effect on me. I remember being fascinated by the vibrations that emanated from the chamber of my first guitar, through my chest and body. It was more than just sound, it was energy.

I have always had a strong interest in psychology and the power of the mind. Its a subject that has fascinated me for many years. More recently, I have had the opportunity to study and train as a clinical hypnotherapist. During my training it became more and more clear to me that music and hypnosis share many significant properties.

That music can be utilized during hypnotherapy to enhance the experience in order to achieve more meaningful change. It is from this position that i intend to explore both these wonderful worlds and combine them in my practice and research. If you are interested, Contact me  i’d be delighted to hear from you.


Bachelor of Music DegreeEriksonian Certificate