Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Hypnotherapy is simple but very effective. Think of it as a way of retraining your mind to help you focus clearly on the positive, not the negative in order to achieve the thing you want and do away with the thing you don’t.

Barry Holt - HypnotherapistWhether it is stress or anxiety, the impulse to kick a habit, overcome a fear or make healthier choices for yourself.

It will strengthen your ability to know and understand what is best for you and empower you to achieve the most desirable outcome. Whats more, you already naturally possess all of the resources you will ever need to help you through the process. Trust in yourself to know what is right.

Who It Can Help?

Hypnotherapy is recognized as a successful intervention in many areas and can help you if you suffer from any of the following. Learn more below.

Other Applications

Hypnotherapy can assist you with self-improvement, relaxation, anger management and self-esteem. To overcome habits such as nail biting and common phobias such as fear of flying. It can be used for pain management, dentistry and hypno-birthing and many other areas.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step. Chinese Proverb.

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What my customers are saying.

“Barry, from Mind + Music Hypnotherapy, is an extremely competent hypnotherapist. In our sessions he was always professional and respectful. He shows great insight and understanding, and his use of music to encourage relaxation and transformation is extraordinary. I would definitely recommend him.”


“I thoroughly recommend Barry as a hypnotist. He made me feel at ease, safe and totally comfortable over our sessions. He beautifully wove into words exactly what I wanted to work on in each session. His music, that he creates himself, and his authenticity is what made me choose to come back to him. The music is a nice element, that puts you in the loveliest, relaxed space!”


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